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Light Therapy

Originally developed by NASA, red and infrared light therapy has been demonstrated to offer a safe, natural, and effective way to help with skincare, weight loss, hair growth, and inflammation. Triveda offers only the most powerful medical-grade lights that are FDA approved and clinically backed. In addition, after only eight sessions, clients have reported feeling much less joint pain, better sleep patterns, appetite regulation, and relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety- making light therapy the perfect addition to any wellness regimen! 

Wellness Membership

In addition to the powerful skincare, weight loss, and pain management properties of light therapy, red lights  have several preventative and regulatory functions as well. As we age, not only do we feel more physically lethargic, our cell’s ability to carry out their normal function are also diminished. Red light stimulates our cells and prompts them to function at an optimal level. Adding even less than an hour’s worth of light therapy a week can significantly improve your mental, physical, and emotional wellness in the following ways:

– Better blood circulation      – Better sleep      – Improved cognitive function      – More energy throughout the day      – Improved athletic performance            – Improved muscle recovery after exercise      – Regulated appetite                    -Slower progression of wrinkles and age spots       – Reversal of scarring            – Lower anxiety and symptoms of depression

Our basic membership includes two 10 minute light therapy sessions per week and is a great introduction to the many benefits of light therapy.

Already know about the incredible benefits of light therapy? Our premium membership includes three 10 minute light therapy sessions per week and includes a massage during treatment.



                           *Monthly Memberships are billed on a recurring basis unless canceled.

Light Therapy w/ Massage

Triveda Wellness is the only North Carolina provider that allows clients to experience the incredible healing power of red light therapy while receiving a fully customized hydro-massage.

Hydro Massage

Experience the power of hydro-massage therapy with the world’s first trackless, hands-free massage device. Lay back and relax as the water jets gently massage your muscles from underneath a water-proof canopy. Treatments are customized to your specific needs.

Anti-Aging Package

Light therapy has been shown to offer everything you need to restore your youthful complexion. Select our facial package to address a range of facial skin problems including acne, acne scarring, laugh lines, crow’s feet, sunspots, and sagging skin. Our facial package includes 16 red light (635nm) therapy sessions for 15 minutes per session, an intensive spot treatment during each session, a one-month supply of collagen peptides, and a free massage during treatment. To make weekly payments, please select facial one week payment.

Our full-body option includes 16 red light (635nm) therapy sessions at 30 minutes per session, two spot treatments, a one-month supply of collagen peptides, and a free massage during treatment. To make weekly payments, please select full body weekly payment.

Weight Loss Package

For individuals looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight, light therapy provides a great option for you! Red and infrared light has been shown in clinical studies to help expedite weight loss when compared to just diet and exercise alone. Triveda’s controlled weight loss program is a two-month program and consists of 25-minute treatment sessions, four times per week. Includes massage during each treatment. To make weekly payments, please select controlled weight loss one week payment.

Scars and Stretchmarks

Light therapy has been shown clinically to offer what other treatment options can’t: permanent reversal to scars and stretchmarks on any part of your body. A combination of full-body red and infrared light is used (635nm and 850nm) over a span of 16 sessions. Intensive blue and red light spot treatments and a one-month supply of Retin-C Vitamin Oil are included with this package to promote faster healing. Treatment time is 30 minutes per session and includes a free massage. To make weekly payments, please select one week payment..