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Red and Near Infrared Light for All-Natural Weight Loss

At Triveda, we believe weight loss is best approached holistically and naturally from the inside out. With this in mind, we created a comprehensive weight loss program that leverages your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms to provide a healthy yet robust approach to your weight loss goals!

Triveda’s weight loss program is designed for those who have struggled with weight loss long-term and/or those with a BMI over 30. For those with a BMI under 30, click the body contouring link below to learn how we can help you flatten, tone, and sculpt your body with one of our three non-invasive procedures.

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Treatment Process

Phase 1:
Establishing a Baseline

We measure your waistline, weight, body fat, and body water content before and after each session ensuring that you are losing fat and inches off your waist during each treatment. We then track these metrics throughout the course of treatment to ensure you are headed in the direction needed to achieve your goals long-term.

Each week, we will analyze changes in your body’s composition, allowing us to adjust our treatment protocol to suit you better personally. 

Phase 2:
Light and Heat Treatments

Our weight loss system utilizes a combination of two clinically backed, fat-burning procedures during each treatment. Treatment consists of 2-3, 50-minute sessions per week for the first month.

Full Body Red Light Therapy:

A concentrated dose of red light is used to increase cellular metabolism, shrink fat cells, and encourage appetite regulation. Red light therapy will also help you:

  • Reverse stretch marks and scarring
  • Eliminate wrinkles and even your skin tone
  • Eliminate dozens of skin-related conditions
Near Infrared Heat Therapy:

We increase your core body temperature using far infrared light, leading to a thermogenic reaction inside your body which has been proven clinically to decrease body fat and promote detoxification throughout the body.

Add Ons:

Enhance your treatment experience with one of the following add-ons:

Hydro Massage: Relax and rejuvenate with a customizable hands-free massage during your treatment.

PEMF Therapy: For expediting weight loss and relieving pain.

Blue Light Acne Treatment: Our blue light treatment eliminates the bacteria responsible for causing acne.

Infrared Calf & Leg Massage: Relax during your session and let our massager soothe your tired muscles while the infrared helps stop the pain at its source. 

Phase 3:
Permanently Shedding Unwanted Fat Cells

As described above, at the end of each treatment your body will have liquidized and expelled its fatty content into the space around your fat cells. From here, we use vibration and compression clothing to work these fatty discharges into your lymphatic system so they can be sweated out safely and naturally!

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How It Works

Increasing Cellular Energy

Unlike most popular diets that restrict calorie intake or whole food types, which can leave you feeling sluggish and malnourished, Triveda’s weight loss program uses light energy to help stimulate cellular activity, kickstarting your body’s fat-burning mechanisms naturally. When specific therapeutic wavelengths interact with your cell’s mitochondria, it stimulates the mitochondrial enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and fueling cellular processes. Instead of feeling tired and lethargic, our clients report feeling energetic and in good health throughout the course of treatment!

Fat Cell Liquidation and Reduction

Usually, your body’s fat cells, called adipocytes, are filled with fatty acids (lipids) and can be challenging to shed, especially as we age. As seen in the photo above, concentrated doses of 635nm & 850nm light have been shown in clinical studies to create ruptures in these fat cells, leaking 80% of their fat content within the first 6 minutes of treatment through a process called adipocyte apoptosis. This fatty liquid then begins its journey into your body’s lymphatic system, a point at which it can be expelled permanently. 

Appetite Control

Aside from simply shedding fat cells, our weight loss program goes further by actually helping our clients control food cravings long-term, ensuring that the fat lost during treatment won’t immediately return. Red light therapy has been proven clinically to increase the appetite-regulating hormone leptin, leaving you to feel full throughout the day while simultaneously reducing the hormone ghrelin, which is partially responsible for the feeling of hunger. When these two hormones are regulated, clients report that it is easier for them to make healthy meal choices and limit their consumption during meals.

Additional Benefits

Aside from the above benefits, our weight loss clients report:

  • better sleep patterns
  • having more energy throughout the day
  • increases in muscle tone
  • improvements in their skin and complexion
  • reductions in feelings of depression and anxiety

Most clients reach their personal weight loss goals in just 1-3 months!

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