Asheville’s new premier holistic wellness center

Asheville’s new premier holistic wellness center

Triveda specializes in light therapy, and also uses its beautiful treatment space to host various wellness providers, class instructors, and private parties. Triveda offers no licensed wellness services; instead, we partner with providers and give them access to valuable treatment space, supplies, and equipment through our short term rental program. If desired, Triveda will then use its marketing and booking capabilities to help providers connect with prospective clients, and then act as host and intermediary during the appointment. 

Located in the historic section of Asheville’s downtown shopping district

Triveda Wellness is centrally located in the historic section of Asheville’s downtown shopping district at 32 Broadway Street and features a beautiful naturally lit studio space and stylishly furnished provider suites. Triveda’s business model is unique and created to be flexible and cost-efficient, yet house an array of service types. We offer clients amenities such as 24/7 booking via AI chat or text, complementary healthy snacks and refreshments, after hour access, and personalized marketing and advertising for partners.

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Make Triveda your new home

Throughout our opening process we spoke to local providers to discuss some of the challenges they faced. Some said needed help developing their businesses and needed resources, and yet others said they have too many clients already and simply need a more convenient way to host them. In response, we devised a way to introduce more flexibility into our business model, giving providers multiple ways to work with us.


If the service you provide or the class you teach promotes mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual wellness then we are interested in seeing how we can accommodate you!

Our studio and private suites are prepared with essential supplies and equipment

  • Warm towels
  • Linens, blankets, robes, and wraps
  • Organic oils and lotions
  • PPE and sanitation supplies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga mats
  • Table warmers
  • Massage tables and chairs
  • Adjustable treatment chair
  • Hot stones
  • Footbath and scrubs
  •  Organic skincare products (coming soon)
  • and more! Our equipment list grows with each service type we add

Studio or Suite Rental

Do you already have your own book of business but need a beautiful and functional space to host clients?

Triveda’s studio and provider suites can be rented by the hour. Providers selecting this option will have access to our supplies, equipment (if desired) and amenities, yet remain unaffiliated with Triveda.

  • Providers set price of service and collect payment from clients.
  • Lowered price of rent.
  • Rental charge collected after services rendered.
  • Schedule rentals 24/7 from website, mobile app or Ai text and webchat.
  • Download the MINDBODY app and search for Triveda Wellness. Once registration is complete then you can us it to rent space.


/hour for a limited time only

Become a Partner

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Register with us today to become a partner and we will leverage our network of clients to advertise and book your services and classes through our website and social media accounts.

  • Triveda will give you tools to manage clients and collect payment with our MINDBODY business app. We will disburse payment for services rendered weekly.
  • Package your services with Triveda’s popular in-house services or with those offered by other partners.
  • Promote your business and services using Triveda’s social media accounts and website.

Private Events and Parties

Triveda Wellness’s downtown Asheville facility can also be booked for private parties. If you would like more information on how to book your clients’ private events with us, please follow the link.

Network Provider Appointments

Private Party Reservation

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