Shelley Fritz Healing


I am Shelley (aka Shells).

 I am here to help you shine to your fullest radiance, live in vibrantly, and fulfill your highest calling. I’m dedicated to finding loving ways to unleash your potential and help you shine so you can live your most thriving life.

I can  help you naturally grow and refine your health-conscious lifestyle while getting you effective results. My aim is to do that with as much fun, effortless ease, grace, and joy as possible.

My goal is to fuel your empowerment with tools, resources, awareness, and guidance to help you experience the life of your highest dreams in alignment with your authentic self, heart and the highest good of all of us.

Your sovereign embodiment is key, and I’m here to support your deeply embodied journey as a sovereign being. I will meet you where you are currently, and in working together, I will offer customized ways of supporting you in the moment tailored specifically for you, with a well-informed perspective.

I am an experienced Healer who has dedicated my life to my calling and actualizing my highest potential through my own personal sovereign embodiment and dedicated learning journey.

I will do my best to give you the very best of what I have available to me, alchemized through my unique gifts and refined in offerings.

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Emotion Code

We will gently, easily & swiftly clear emotional baggage through a series of subtle energetic releases. We will clear our emotional baggage that has been weighing you down and holding you back, empowering your life and body to function optimally. 25-minute sessions.


Body Code

The Body Code addresses underlying imbalances to help your body heal and thrive to its fullest potential. It can be used to help with existing issues and proactively for preventative health. 50-minute sessions.


Health Coaching

I will meet you where you are at and help you move in the direction you desire to go with evidenced-based practices, tools, and professional coaching support. 30-minute sessions.


Life Coaching


Intuitive Healing Session

A customized healing experience where we can go deep and can access the tools, skills, gifts, and abilities for a precise and effective healing experience.


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