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Red Light Therapy: The New Gold Standard in Skincare and Pain Management

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Backed by almost relentless demand

Triveda’s red light therapy program boasts the strongest and most therapeutic LED system available on the market. With over twice the light density of traditional commercial models, Triveda’s red light therapy offers a highly effective and clinically backed treatment for skin tone evening, s car reversal, acne and blemish treatment, body toning, pain relief, and dozens of other clinical applications. And not only do we provide the most effective FDA approved red light therapy treatment, but we are also able to price ours at a fraction of the c ost of other area providers – bringing the cost of a single comparable session down from over $100 to under $40 with us. Light therapy clients also have the option of receiving a hands – free hydro massage during treatment .

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Single Session


w/ hydromassage - $49
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8 Session package


w/ hydromassage - $249
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Monthly Unlimited


w/ complementary hydro massage

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