What You Need to Know about Red Light Therapy

Meditation Asheville NC

Natural light is one of the most therapeutic aspects of living on this big blue and green planet! While you can get a great deal of health benefits from your environment, it has been found that concentrated wavelengths of red and near infrared light has additional benefits. Red light therapy gets right to the cellular level to supercharge certain elements, and you can reap the rewards. The main health benefits of red light therapy include increased antioxidant production, reduction of inflammation, and enhanced blood circulation. What this means for you is you can enjoy relief from pain, improved skin health, better sleep, improved brain health, weight loss, and hormone regulation, just to name a few.

Meditation Asheville NC

With the many benefits of red light therapy, it shouldn’t surprise you that professional athletes, fitness professionals, world class trainers, models, celebrities, doctors, and others have embraced these treatments. The good news is that you can enjoy the same results as they do using high-quality equipment with medical grade lights.

Not every practitioner who offers red light therapy uses medical grade lights that are quite powerful. Here at Triveda Wellness, we are proud to have added a device that combines massage therapy and red light therapy. The Aquafrixio, made by Prosun, is the world’s only trackless hydro massage therapy device and it is also the only device that offers the combination of services. In conjunction with the Aquafrixio, we’ll be offering a BIOMAX red/infrared light panel that penetrates deeper into the skin to provide benefits such as weight loss, reduction of joint pain, and muscle recovery. Our red light therapy is conducted completely hands-free, so it is a perfectly safe option for those concerned about virus transmission. We are proud to have the most powerful, universal system in the area (and actually in the whole country at the moment)! Reach out to us today to learn more about red light therapy and determine if it is the ideal treatment for your situation.

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