Cellulite Reduction

Stop letting cellulite get in the way of your confidence!

As you age, you start to see those dimpled indentations on your thighs, hips, and behind, and you wonder if you can do anything to make that cellulite go away! Most women develop cellulite throughout their lifetime, and it occurs when fatty deposits push through the connective tissue that sits directly beneath the skin.

If cellulite has started to affect your confidence and you are eager to discover cellulite reduction techniques that actually work, come and visit us at Triveda Wellness. For women in the in Asheville, North Carolina area who are interested in cellulite reduction, we cannot say enough good things about red light therapy (and neither can other women who have tried it!). Here is why red light therapy for cellulite reduction works:

  • The infrared rays produced during each red light therapy session boost blood circulation, which prompts greater elastin and collagen production. This can improve the firmness of your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • The infrared heat used during red light therapy can enhance lymphatic drainage, which can prevent swelling within your skin and reduce cellulite.
  • Some studies have shown that the infrared light used in red light therapy impacts fat-storing cells referred to as adipocytes. This prompts these fat cells to eventually break down and wash away naturally, which can reduce cellulite.

Ditch that cellulite cream and come to our wellness center for a cellulite reduction method that is quick, painless, and effective! To schedule your next appointment, contact us at Triveda Wellness today.

At Triveda Wellness, we offer cellulite reduction treatments to those in ArdenAsheville, Fletcher, Hendersonville, Waynesville, Marion, Morganton, Weaverville, Black Mountain, and Flat Rock, North Carolina.

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