Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

We Now Offer Red Light Therapy!

Red light therapy offers many unique benefits for your skin and overall wellness.

An innovative, effective treatment

At Triveda Wellness, we’re excited to announce we now offer red light therapy! This technique uses low-light wavelengths to treat issues with the skin. Originally, red light therapy was studied for how it could be applied to modern medicine. During red light therapy sessions, the red light produces a biochemical effect in your cells that strengthens the mitochondria, which allows your cells to efficiently repair damage.

We are excited to help you discover these red light therapy benefits during an upcoming session at our wellness center.

Meditation Asheville NC
Meditation Asheville NC

Some people also report that regular red light therapy sessions help improve symptoms of postpartum depression and generalized depression. This form of therapy may also boost the immune system, reduce cellulite, help with weight loss, and reduce the appearance of acne.

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Red light therapy benefits are hard to deny. Here are just a few red light therapy benefits you may experience when you receive this treatment from us:

  • Increased wound healing and tissue repair
  • Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Short-term pain relief and reduction in morning stiffness, especially for those who have rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improved skin complexion and diminished wrinkles
  • Reduced appearance of sun damage
  • Diminished scarring
  • Reduced general inflammation

We are happy to tell you more about red light therapy and how it can benefit you specifically. Contact us at Triveda Wellness today to set up your next appointment!

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