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With over twice the light density of traditional commercial models, Triveda’s red light therapy system is effective for: 

  • filling wrinkles and evening skin tone
  • scar and stretchmark reversal
  • acne treatment
  • body toning and weight management
  • pain relief, and more!

Treatments offering light intensity comparable to ours cost as much as $100/ session. Triveda has cut the price of our powerful red light treatment down to under half of our competitors’ price, making red light treatments finally more accessible.

Treatment is recommended 3-4x/week for a month and 1-2x/week the second month. Significant improvements are typically observed within 4-6 weeks.

Treatment times can vary depending on the person, treatment frequency, and the severity of the issue. Some clients begin noticing differences within the first week of treatment with consistent use. Once desired results are achieved only infrequent follow up appointments are recommended to maintain.

Our two part treatment utilizes the industry's most powerful red and infrared LED's that deliver light waves to the body in specific therapeutic doses. The light dosage rates we use have been tested across hundreds of trials to ensure our system is safe and effective.

Triveda's red light system delivers all 5 therapeutic frequencies of red and infrared waves that have been found to be clinically beneficial, and delivers them at up to 2x the irradiance of other commercial systems.

Our red light therapy system uses special facial lamps that have been designed specifically for face and neck applications.

Light waves activate your cells' mitochondria. Depending on the cell type, different benefits are derived through this change in cellular activity.

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