Our Infrared Sauna Can Naturally Provide Immune System Support

Meditation Asheville NC

Daily life puts all kinds of stress on our immune systems. Not only are you exposed to a constant stream of microbes, bacteria, and viruses any time you go into public, but other factors lower your immune system’s performance as well. Stress, a lack of exercise, malnutrition and a lack of sleep can negatively affect your immunity, leading to more sick days and infections that cause the cycle to perpetuate itself. So, the question is, what can you do to provide natural immune system support for your body? One fantastic option for immune system support is our infrared sauna.

Meditation Asheville NC

An infrared sauna provides two different kinds of immune system support:

  • The power of heat: Raising your core body temperature briefly encourages your body to activate the immune system by simulating a fever. Your body produces more white blood cells as a direct response to the heat at a cellular level. This can help you purge toxins from your system, lowering stress levels and promoting sleep.
  • The power of infrared light: This type of light safely penetrates into your cells and strengthens their mitochondria. As a result, your cells create more energy and regenerate themselves more quickly and successfully. It also improves your circulation and can promote a sense of relaxation.

Sweating is another benefit of using an infrared sauna for immune system support. While sweating, your body is able to get rid of toxins, chemicals and other impurities that are present in your body. It is important to be well-hydrated before and after using an infrared sauna to replenish fluid levels in your body.

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