Common Questions About Restorative Yoga

Do you find yourself in an almost constant state of stress? Is your body exhausted or feeling depleted from various ailments or a demanding lifestyle? When your body is sore or tired, listen to what it is telling you and treat yourself with restorative yoga.

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  1. How is restorative yoga different from other yoga practices? Restorative yoga incorporates long holds and utilizes helpful props to help your body slow down and relax deeply.
  2. Can beginners do restorative yoga? All of the props used in restorative yoga can be intimidating, but with the guidance of our helpful and fully-trained professionals at Triveda Wellness, you’ll feel capable of having a successful practice.
  3. How often should I do restorative yoga? Your body can tell you when you need yoga, but it is recommended to practice at least once a week. Even if you only have about ten minutes a few times a week, you’ll find it can make a noticeable difference.
  4. Is restorative yoga exercise? Not only can yoga increase your strength and flexibility, but it also helps heal your body from more jarring movements like running and jumping. It also offers great mental and emotional benefits.

Here at Triveda Wellness, we have a beautiful new health and wellness center devoted to helping you find a state of wellbeing physically, mentally, and emotionally. We know that as you give our restorative yoga classes a try, you’ll find a deeper sense of peace and relaxation and your body will thank you. Contact us today to learn more about our yoga classes.

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