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As Asheville’s new premier holistic wellness center, our mission is to not only provide each client with a comprehensive variety of high - demand spa and wellness services, but to deliver each one with an impeccable service standard and in a chic boutique setting.

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Asheville’s new premier holistic wellness center

Triveda Wellness is centrally located in the historic section of Ashville’s downtown shopping district at 32 Broadway Street and boasts a beautifully natural – lit studio space and stylishly furnished provider suites, all rentable by the hour. Triveda’s business model is unique and created to be flexible and cost – efficient yet house an array of service providers with offerings beyond the scope o f a traditional spa or wellness center. And by offering clients top – tier amenities such as on – demand booking via AI chat or text, complementary healthy snacks and refreshments, bridal gift bags with local goods and craft, onsite reception, and even catering options, Triveda is quickly earning its place among the upper echelon in its industry while maintaining a cost of service that is appealing to all demographics.

About The Studios

Our beautiful hand painted hardwood studio is well – lit with sun light and is designed to expand from a 9×10’ space perfect for private sessions, into a 10×20’ space large enough to accommodate medium sized classes. Triveda’s studio comes ready with complementary yoga mats, hand towels, aroma therapy and refreshment table for clients . Our studio is prewired and ready for remote teleconferencing and Bluetooth speakers for immersive sessions. Our teleconferencing abilities allow providers to broadcast a class from home to clients in our studio, or to broadcast from our studio clients at home. Studio and provider suites can be booked on demand online or via text or AI chat.

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Studio Rental Pricing

Our Large Studio is only available for rent in limited capacity on Sunday and Monday or after hours between 8:30 – 10:30a and 7:00 – 9:30p Monday through Friday.

Small Studio



Large Studio


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Private Suite Rental

Practitioner suites are roughly 10×12’, feature a beautiful design and decor, and come partially furnished with a massage table (by request), towels, linens, lotions, oils, cabinets, shelves, dimming lights, and plenty of natural sun light.



Studio & Suite Rental

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