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We’re so happy that you’re considering joining our growing team of dedicated wellness providers and class instructors ! When Triveda Wellness was conceived, our vision was to create not only a beautiful place for clients to receive wellness services, but to also give wellness providers a space to collaborate, develop, and prosper. True to this intent , Triveda’s doors are now opening to the vast community of practitioners around Asheville and abroad to join us on our journey to elevate our collective mind, body, and spirit!

Our community is open to anyone who provides a service to promotes others’ the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing, including those working in aesthetics. Triveda’s methodology embraces a holistic approach to wellness and synthesize traditional with newly evolving modalities; thus, we encourage all types of practition ers, clinicians, healers, coaches, yogis, beauticians, counselors, artists, and energy – workers to work with us!

Those who decide to work with us directly rather than rent space will receive access to in house supplies and laundry service, competitive compe nsation, and have their information included on our website, social media pages and blogs, booking/reservation platforms, to be accessed by our clients.

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After registering, providers will be asked to send us a short biography w e can display, pricing, and some general information about their services

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