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From the moment you wake up, do you feel like there is an enormous list of things you have to do before you’re able to head out the door and make it to work or other obligations on time? What would you do with five or ten extra minutes? Would you hit the snooze one more time or maybe just feel less rushed? When you come to us at Triveda Wellness for our expert eyelash & eyebrow services, you may find yourself with that little bit of extra time you crave instead of spending it on those final steps when applying your makeup. Here at Triveda, our professional and highly experienced esthetician offers three eyelash & eyebrow services:

  1. Eyebrow shaping – Instead of dealing with plucking or other time-consuming methods, let our experienced esthetician help you achieve your ideal eyebrow shape.
  2. Eyebrow tinting – If you have light eyebrows or thin spots on your eyebrows that you fill in with an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tinting can do the job for you.
  3. Eyelash tinting – This is a top favorite as it can eliminate the need for mascara, which can be cumbersome. Many mascaras run when your eyes are watery, and the waterproof selections can often be flakey and difficult to remove.

Our expert esthetician always takes the time to communicate with you to make sure she understands your wishes. You can always feel free to bring pictures or ask for recommendations. Our goal is to help you feel beautiful and completely satisfied with our services. Call us today to make an appointment.

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