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Wellness In Recovery Program

At Triveda, our mission is to elevate your personal wellness regimen and help you restore the vital balance of your mind, body, and soul. Located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, our holistic approach to healing and wellness improvement synthesizes traditional healing modalities with one of the most advanced, effective, and non-invasive modern healing practices available- light therapy!

Triveda Wellness is excited to announce the introduction of its Wellness in Recovery Program, designed to give treatment providers exclusive access to its wellness-based services. Research into treatment models shows wellness-based recovery as being one of the most beneficial to overall health-related outcomes, long-term 1. Treatment centers across America are now beginning to explore these wellness opportunities as a way to expand their current treatment options to gain an edge over their competition. At Triveda, we understand the importance of approaching recovery holistically, and we are here to provide the space and services needed to provide a high-end, wellness-based recovery program to your clients!

Partnering with Triveda gives your program access to its full range of wellness services one to two days a weekend, including: hydro-massage therapy, red/infrared light therapy, a private yoga studio and a 12-step modeled, “wellness in recovery” group run by a holistic wellness professional, former mental health practitioner and addiction treatment specialist. On site, each participant will be given a 15-minute light therapy session with a massage and will attend a wellness group in Triveda’s studio. In addition, clients will receive access to Triveda’s premier skin restoration, natural pain management, and general wellness packages and memberships to use at their convenience. All you have to do is provide transportation to the clients and Triveda will handle the rest. It is Triveda’s absolute commitment to maintain the best wellness services Asheville has to offer, so you can offer only the best and most comprehensive recovery services to your clients!


Red Light Therapy and Recovery-

If you’ve been keeping up to date with wellness in recovery trends, then you’ve might have heard about red light therapy. Recently approved by the FDA for pain treatment and skincare, red light therapy offers those in recovery a safe and highly effective way to manage chronic pain, regenerate skin that was damaged during active addiction, lower anxiety and symptoms of depression, increase energy levels naturally, regulate sleep patterns, and increase blood circulation and muscle recovery.


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Light therapy is a simple procedure: clients simply lay underneath Triveda’s medical grade lights for 15 minutes while receiving a massage simultaneously. There are no adverse effects from light therapy, and there are no restrictions on who can use it. For more information on the benefits of light therapy, visit our website at www.trivedawellness.com

After using light therapy consistently for 1-2 months, your clients can expect to experience:

  • Remission from pain- even deep joint or tissue pain
  • Healthy skin, free from scarring
  • Well regulated sleep and appetite
  • Reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms


Triveda’s Wellness in Recovery Instruction

Triveda’s Wellness in Recovery program will introduce clients to a wellness-based model of recovery, integrating the 12-step approach with mindfulness, emotional regulatory practices, and spiritual self-discovery. Clients will be split into groups when on site and while one group is receiving light therapy, the other will attend the wellness in recovery group session in Triveda’s yoga studio. Weekly topics of discussion will include:

  • 8 forms of wellness; the importance of balanced wellness; improving wellness holistically
  • Dealing with new emotions; improving emotional wellness; emotional coping skills
  • Improving physical wellness; mind-body link explained; exercise goal setting
  • Improving spiritual wellness; higher power; mind-body-spirit link (tri-vedas)
  • Practicing mindfulness, non-judgement; Forgiveness
  • Self-love and self-care (bringing everything together)

“This framework,” states wellness expert Margaret Swarbrick, “is useful for consumers, professionals, and families to take control of their lives and capitalize on their strengths, abilities, and personal aspirations in order for every individual to take on and fulfill meaningful roles within their families and in today’s society” (Swarbrick, 2006, p. 313 SAMHSA.com).

Program Pricing Breakdown and Details

*Program requires a 6-month contract, minimum. Exclusive prices are fixed through life of contract.

20 or less participants:

Light therapy + Hydro massage: $49/ session * 20 clients * 4 days/ month = $3,890/ month

Studio rental: $50/ .5day * 4 days/ month = $200/ month

Group instruction: 5 hours/ day * $25/ hour * 4 days/ month = $500/ month

Total: $4,590/ month

Exclusive Price: $2,754/ month   40% off!


20-40 participants

Light therapy + Hydro massage: $49/ session * 40 clients * 4 days/ month = $7,840/ month

Studio rental: $100/ day * 4 days/ month = $400/ month

Group instruction: 5 hours/ day * $25/ hour * 4 days/ month = $500/ month

Total: $8,740/ month

Exclusive Price: $5,244/ month   40% off!


40-60 participants

Light therapy + Hydro massage: $49/ session * 60 clients * 4 days/ month = $11,760/ month

Studio rental: $150/ 1.5 days * 4/ month = $600/ month

Group instruction: 8 hours/ day * $25/ hour * 4 days/ month = $800/ month

Total: $13,160/ month

Exclusive Price: $7,896/ month   40% off!


Included in the prices above are one light therapy session, one massage therapy session, class instruction and studio rental, 1 day a week for a month. Due to size restrictions this offer is only open to one treatment provider for exclusive rights with Triveda Wellness.

For clients with severe pain, major skin issues, or suffering from intense emotional dysregulation, Triveda will also offer its premium packaged services at a “friends and family” discount rate (40% off packages and 10% off memberships). These services can be utilized by clients at any time during normal operating hours and scheduled directly with Triveda. Links and embed codes can be provided to offer our wellness services directly to clients or clients’ families via your website, giving them the peace of mind they desperately need by knowing they will be receiving the best, most comprehensive treatment Asheville has to offer when they enroll with you.  

For more information on Triveda’s premium services please visit: https://square.site/book/AKJ57AQ4P60G1/triveda-wellness-asheville-nc



It’s well known that in the addiction treatment industry that offering the most comprehensive services is the key to creating a robust, successful program. Treatment providers all over the country are beginning to incorporate more wellness services into their programs to help maintain their advantage. As more and more treatment providers make the switch to a wellness-based recovery model, now is the time to make sure you not only stay up with the times, but do so with confidence that your clients will receive only the best, most effective services available. Join us on our journey, and bring balance of the mind, body, and spirit to your clients today!



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