3 Conditions that Can be Helped with Massage Therapy

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Here at Triveda Wellness, we want to help you live a healthy and happy life, and an important part of that is helping you alleviate and manage ongoing conditions. One of the treatments we offer to help you with these kinds of issues is massage therapy. In our experience, many people think of massage therapy as a luxury spa treatment but trust us when we say that it can provide real relief to a variety of ailments.

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One application of massage therapy that many people have heard of is to help alleviate and manage pain. This includes not just temporary muscle tension, such as might result from a day of hard physical labor, but also chronic pain that can result from an underlying condition. Massage therapy stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, to provide the relief you need.

High Blood Pressure

Another condition that massage therapy can help with is high blood pressure. A common cause of elevated blood pressure is stress, and a good massage can help you relax, alleviating that stress and allowing your blood pressure to return to lower, healthier levels.


A third condition that massage therapy can help with is anxiety. While many people think of anxiety as a purely mental phenomenon, it also affects the body and can lead to symptoms such as muscle tension, stomach aches, and more. Massage therapy can help you relax physically, which will in turn make it easier to break out of your tense, anxious mental state.

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